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Dear Friends,

We wish to reach out and share with you with the steps we are all taking to address the COVID-19 situation, I wanted to share our approach with you.

Like you, we too are concentrating on the safety of our team, the communities we live and work in, and ensuring we diligently meet all our service commitments.

Some measures what we are taking:

  • We have closed our office and moved towards Working from Home
  • We are available on all possible mode of communication like; email, mobiles, WhatsApp, skype, live chat etc.… on all working days.
  • All our Sales Team & Service teams are capable to attend your service request.
  • Being a technology driven company, we are able to manage the situation and all of our services are working regularly
  • As we all know that the social isolation is necessary, we are arranging regular video meetings across the teams, to keep our morale high.

We are trying to do our level best to ensure the quality, efficiency and speed of our services and we wish you and your family a good health and safety during this tough time.

Please take care, stay safe and stay positive.