Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What types of services are offered by the EXIM ATLAS INDIA?

We offer the best and verified data of statistical and customs data and also in-depth research and analyzed report to the clients.

  • What cost is required for the import and export report from EXIM ATLAS INDIA?
We offer competitive cost for the clients. However, the cost will depend upon the requirements of the clients. There are various factors which will contribute to the overall cost that the client will need to pay to us, such as: types of products, the number of countries the client require the details of, the number of years of data the client requires etc.
  • What are the various methods of payments?
EXIM ATLAS INDIA accepts various major methods of payment without any hassle. We do accept all possible mode of payment eg. NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Wire transfer, Credit and Debit Card and from wallet. For more information, the clients can contact the company.
  • How fast will the data be provided after completing the payment for the services?
The clients will be provided with the data as soon as possible as we make sure to avoid any type of delays as much as possible. Normally we deliver the report within 8 working hours.
  • Will EXIM ATLAS INDIA offer money back guarantee?
Yes, we do offer money back guarantee for our clients. If our clients think that they are not benefitted by the report and the data that was provided by our company is not useful, they can contact us for further information.
  • What are the sources of the data offered by EXIM ATLAS INDIA?
We only offer the data from verified and authentic sources. The raw data is directly collected by our company from various shipping companies, government agencies, customs and ports from India and overseas. The data that we collect from these sources are based on the actual records of the shipment and various operational documents such as shipping bill, bill of entry, bill of lading etc.
  • How frequently does EXIM ATLAS INDIA update their database?
We update our data base on a regular basis by analyzing the current market regularly and updating as much as possible. The updating of the database will also depend on the port and the countries.
  • What are the various criteria of reports provided by the EXIM ATLAS INDIA?
The clients will be able to get the reports based on their HS product code. This will vary according to the data of the specific countries and the duration of the time of the data that the customer would like to access. For more information, the clients can contact the company.
  • Will EXIM ATLAS INDIA offer the contact details of the importers and the exporters in the reports that are provided?
We will only be able to provide the contact details of the importers and exporters according to the rules and the regulation of the specific countries. Some customs of specific countries will reveal the contact details of their importers and exporters and some will not provide the details. This will depend on the country that the client wants to get the information of.
  • Who are the clients of EXIM ATLAS INDIA?
We offer our services to a wide range of clients. Some of our clients are: importers, exporters, banks, research companies, shipping companies, logistics, businesses, traders, etc.
  • How will the report from EXIM ATLAS INDIA help my business?
Our reports are well analyzed and our experts will add the best value fields in the reports to make it valuable for our clients. Our reports will help the clients to understand the activities and the business of their business competitors. It will also help the clients to find new customers for their business and generate leads from various countries around the world. The customers will be able to understand their market better with the help of our detailed reports.
  • Which countries data are available through EXIM ATLAS INDIA?
We offer the data of various countries for the clients. For more information, the clients can contact us.
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